[Policy] Product Usable Life and Replacement Parts Support Policy

April 24, 2018

NuAire Laboratory Equipment will provide full support of all identified replacement parts and/or equivalent functionality for the following product lines for the number of years indicated:

  • Biosafety Cabinets - 15 Years
  • Airflow Products - 10 Years
  • Pharmacy Isolators - 10 Years
  • CO2 Incubators - 10 Years
  • Ultralow Freezers - 10 Years
  • Centrifuges - 8 Years
  • Airflow Special Products - 8 Years

Product models that have serial numbers older than this, NuAire may provide limited support consisting of commonly available parts such as discrete electrical components (i.e. lamps, relays, connectors, switches, circuit breakers, motors), blowers, and filters. Electronic control board/assemblies are subject to availability of board-level components.

Fabricated parts (manufactured parts/assemblies i.e. diffusers, grills, work trays, and shelving) are subject to current/limited availability depending on manufacturing cycle. 

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[Infographic] CO2 Incubator Installation Guide
[Infographic] CO2 Incubator Installation Guide

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[Warranty] CO2 Incubator Standard Warranty (US & CA)
[Warranty] CO2 Incubator Standard Warranty (US & CA)

In-VitroCell CO2 Incubator by NuAire Lab Equipment standard United States and Canada warranty information.

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